At GMPM we are more than just a post box service for our clients.

We are focused on providing value adding and outcome based management.

Our overarching role is to drive the development process to ensure our client’s financial, environmental, social and governance objectives are met.

GMPM is able to play a direct hands-on role whilst working very closely with Clients to manage their project/s. This approach is taken in order to achieve the desired outcome from conception and financing, through construction and ultimately to the sale of the finished product.

We at GMPM appreciate that all projects are unique in every aspect. As such the proposed magnitude of each project, its dependencies, required resources and risks will often demand the skills and expertise of a team of experienced development project managers to achieve the desired quality of the finished product

Outlined below is a list of some of the key services offered by GMPM.

Project Management

It is our opinion that the provision of Project Management services is an essential aspect of every development and as such GMPM offers a range of services through what we deem as the main construction project management phases as summarised below:

  • Coordinate the briefing, appointment and management of consultant teams in accordance with the budget and program requirements.
  • Contract tendering and cost management/budget control.
  • Acting as the Principal’s representative in the tendering, award and documentation of construction contracts as well as attending site meetings, supervision of works and reporting on variations where applicable.
  • Pursuing certificates of occupancy, approval clearances and the issuing of titles.
  • Liaising, briefing and providing direction to financiers, selling agents, investors or other stakeholders as required by the client.
  • Contract administration.
  • Development marketing and sales.

Development Management

  • Preparation of detailed feasibilities including a range of financial models, sensitivity analysis and thoroughly researched due diligence.
  • Managing or directly producing submissions for the participation in substantial property transactions, such as a government joint ventures or private sector partnering opportunities.
  • The coordination and management of development concepts including product and market analysis, critiquing and testing design assumptions and ensuring all current industry and statutory requirements are met and where possible exceeded.
  • Preparation of detailed project budgets and programs. Budgets are prepared outlining complete expenditure and revenue streams as well as financing and investment structures. Programs include a comprehensive ‘map’ of the approval process relevant to project and the steps to be followed by GMPM to achieve clients’ objectives.
  • Monitoring, managing and reporting of compliance to project budgets and programs.
  • Oversee and coordinate Federal, State and Local Government approval processes in a timely and cohesive manner. Approval processes are, where possible, to be managed concurrently with public consultation processes.
  • Acting as Principal’s representative in the tendering, award and documentation of construction contracts as well as attending site meetings, supervision of works and reporting on variations where applicable.
  • Liaising, briefing and providing direction to financiers, selling agents, investors or other stakeholders as required by the client


  • Work in tandem with the Client in regards to the procurement in a timely manner of all necessary statutory permits, approvals, certificates and the like, including finalisation of Authorities approvals and BCA certification.
  • Oversee the preparation of information for contract negotiations with the Principal/DM’s preferred contractor including: tender conditions, conditions of Contract, insurance requirements, contractor’s responsibilities, project details, scope of work, drawings, specification, programme showing earliest/latest start and completion dates together with key milestones.
  • Advise the Principal/DM’s on preparation of Contract Conditions.
  • Undertake to assist the Principal/DM’s in final negotiations and in arranging for the execution of the Contracts for construction. Arrange for the lodgement a Permit to Construct with input from BCA consultants and other consultants as required
  • Monitor through initial receipt and periodic review that insurances and contract/safety management plans required are in place and obtain copies of appropriate certificates.
  • Arrange for the execution of the construction Contract between the Principal and the Contractor.
  • Attend, chair and minute the construction start-up meeting and all subsequent site meetings as required.
  • Prepare monthly progress reports monitoring the performance of the Project Contractor and Design Consultants.
  • The management of all design sub-consultants (i.e. response to RFI’s etc…).
  • Monitor Contractor adherence to their published construction program and implement corrective action when required in the event of non-conformance.
  • Establish and manage procedures to provide the early identification and effective control of all cost and time implications associated with contract variations and construction activities.
  • Manage the Design Team, including review of documentation and expediting the provision of documentation to the Contractors to prevent delay to the Construction Program.
  • Confirm Quality Assurance Procedures are being implemented by Contractors.
  • Confirm necessary quality control inspections are carried out by Design Consultants, including managing their input into technical queries.
  • Establish procedures so that necessary consultants have taken place with and approvals are obtained from remaining authorities with a legitimate interest in the project.
  • Assess Extension of Time claims and advise outcomes.
  • Manage negotiations with Contractor in relation to finalisation of accounts.
  • In the role of Superintendent act honestly, fairly, within the time frame prescribed under the Contract or where not prescribed, within a reasonable time frame and arrive at a reasonable measure of or value of work, quantities or time.
  • Monitor that delivery by the Contractor of all warranties and operations manuals occurs prior to granting Practical Completion in a format agreed with the Principal.
  • Facilitate the release of the occupation permit with input from the BCA consultant.

Contract Administration

  • Develop a Contract Programme for the Client including their resources.
  • Monitor & Control the Contract Programme by means of alerting resources as to their responsibilities and outcomes based on progress being made.
  • Assist with monthly progress claims based on submitted and agreed contract payment schedule.

Independent Certifier

  • Oversee construction works on behalf of the Client, offering peace of mind outside of the Superintendent and/or Quantity Surveyor’s role.
  • Monitoring adherence to any Agreement For Lease (“AFL”) requirements (if applicable).
  • Confirmation that  works are constructed in accordance with the approved Development Application (“DA”), Build Permit and executed Building Contract.

Tenancy Co-ordination

  • In collaboration with the Client, prepare a clear scope for building works and works by tenants.
  • Upon completion of construction, undertake the handover process with the tenant to ensure that the expectations of the Client and tenant are both met.
  • Management of any fit-out works required as per the AFL and/or Build Contract.